Vehicle Release Procedure

Download our Letter of Permission

To obtain an impounded vehicle or to release a vehicle for insurance company pick up the following criteria must be adhered to for your protection as well as ours:

  1. The registered owner of the vehicle must be present or a signed, notarized release form or POA document will be needed.
  2. The current registration or title to the vehicle must be presented. If the vehicle doesn't have current plates or current registration the title must be presented to show proof of ownership and the vehicle must be towed out.
  3. A valid operator's license must be presented. If a license is not available any government issued photo identification will suffice- passport, State issued I.D. card, Military ID. If the registered owner doesn't have a driver's license a licensed driver will need to be present with their license to drive the vehicle off of our lot.
  4. Pay all charges on vehicle. Cash, Mastercard & VISA are accepted. Note credit card usage could incur a 4% processing charge. If your insurance company is picking up your vehicle arrangements will need to be made for payment & pick up.
  5. Release times for vehicles are Monday – Friday, 9am to 5pm. Weekends are by appointment only and for vehicles that were towed in the night before.

If the registered owner is not available to pick up the vehicle you may download or request our vehicle release form. Complete the form in its entirety along with the notary's signature. You may then fax, e-mail or hand-deliver the form to our office along with the other items listed above.

A law enforcement agency may have other criteria that must be met before the vehicle can be released. You will need to contact our office for that information before the vehicle can be released.

For any other type of release- such as repossession or using a power of attorney document, please contact our office at (502)426-4100.